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So. Many. Showers.

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When you have kids (boys in particular) you get used to a lot of cleaning. There are dirty clothes, personal items to pick up, and, of course, all those hot showers. It seems endless – one after the other. How long is our tankless water heater going to last? My life is full of mud, mud, and more mud. Ha! It is actually fairly new so I would say years and years. After all, the old style lived on and on for nearly an eternity until the tank rusted over. Remember when they used to poop out and you thought it was the pilot light. Then you got the bad news. When we did, we opted immediately for the new modern method. That is what innovation is all about. It should change your life in some manner whether it is a new stove, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, or pressure washer. Mom has so much to do and needs a little help; and it comes from our handy appliances.

I love the idea of the new unit because it makes you feel as if you were doing something for the environment. It saves water and energy right from the start according to While a tankless system may cost a bit more and involves some expense during installation, it pays for itself in no time at all. I noticed right away that our utility bills had improved. They used to go up continually until we got smart. I did check the longevity as it was a concern? And would there be considerable repairs with the new technology. So far, so good. The record is clear: the tankless is economical, efficient, money saving, and green. These models have been around a long time and people love the compact appearance and how easy they are to mount on a wall. They take up less space than the old metal monsters leaving you extra room for storage. What mom doesn’t want that!

When you have a large family and one involved in athletics and various outdoor endeavors (like washing the car, gardening, cleaning the garage, and planting the garden), you worry about running out of hot water. You pray that everyone can get their morning shower. I used to ask everyone to take turns with a morning and night schedule. Now I don’t have to. The tankless system, if you choose the right size, will service everyone without fail. You don’t even think about how much water is stored as this is no tank. Don’t you love it? Endless hot water and no complaints.

If you are leery, just check out the vast numbers of reviews and positive testimonials on line and you will change your tune. The only negative is that a tankless system serves one faucet at a time. So, you need a little advanced planning. So what? All the other benefits more than make up for one drawback. Life isn’t perfect.

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