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Outdoors is Even More Fun!

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Every once in a while, my husband gets it in his head to do something around the house and/or yard. He is Mr. Fixit when he wants to be. What wife would complain about that! Not me. I love when he repairs a broken lamp, turns the sagging mattress, regrouts the moldy master bath tub, or plants a new tree. He gets one dimensional about his project until it is finished. Then I ask him, “what next?”

I often have to clean up the mess of his many undertakings, but I am used to it having raised many children—four to be specific. When you have three boys, the house is always in a state of untidiness. No one picks up after himself, only my young lady. It is up to mom, of course, to take care of the men. I let things be so I don’t nag constantly and destroy the joy of the household. It pays not to be afraid of a little dirt and grime. I would rather have that minor annoyance than sullen children. When they play sports, their clothes are beyond imagination. Every day the washer and dryer are taxed to the breaking point.

Now that he has spent a few weeks surveying the tasks in the house, my husband is focusing his attention on the yard. I don’t mean mowing the lawn or planting flowers either. I am not referring to raking leaves or fertilizing the trees. I am not even considering repaving the driveway or building garage shelves. He has something bigger in mind. My husband is a bit of a tech guy and has been espousing the key benefits of an an outdoor speaker system for some time – completely waterproof and weather resistant. All the kids love blaring music and he is the biggest one of them all. Sure, each family member can play what they want in the house, but it is so much better outside. Life is like a party at my house and everyone wants it to take place in the yard where they can run wild.

At first I balked at the speaker system feeling that it was a total waste of time. They would use it once or twice and be done with it—bored to death. Not so. It turned out to be a brilliant idea that motivated the family to get together and enjoy common ground—pop music. I am sorry I waited so long to get on board. I will not judge his next project before I know what is involved. Meanwhile, I have learned how to turn on the speakers and adjust the volume. I can count on good quality of sound no matter what type of music I want to play. Mom has some free time and you will find her in the yard, reclining on a lounge chair sipping iced tea. No need for earbuds that continually fall out. She has a remote control in her hand and guess what it is for?

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