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Making a Healthy Change

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Kids love boxed juice with built in straw. They carry around these cavity-making sweet drinks all day long. It is enough to make a mother crazy. I know it isn’t good for them but all their friends indulge and they get them at school. How do I stop it on my own? I want my family to drink more water, the fluid of life. It is a good habit and it isn’t happening to my satisfaction. The kids say the tap water tastes weird and looks funny. They say there are crawly things in it. As if they could see an amoeba! “Mom,” they cry, “the water smells like rotten eggs.” I don’t believe it until I taste it. But, alas, there is a remedy. One is expensive bottled water, but my husband and I agreed that we had to cutback somewhere on the growing food bill or the entertainment budget will be cut. No one wants that.

It is time for the ultimate solution: a whole house water filtering system from They come in various types, are economical and easy to install, and require no on-going maintenance. I don’t relish adding a softener or any other type of alien element. You no longer have to. It is all efficient and automatic. I prefer the reverse osmosis process that uses a membrane so eliminate pollutants, toxins, chemicals, and any creepy crawly things. The kids are fascinated but skeptical. Time will tell.

Regardless of the cost, a small dent in the budget, I do think it is a good investment if we all drink more water. I will make a game out of it. We can count the glasses we drink and give a prize to the winner. Our goal is at least eight for the adults and five for the kids. I think this is reasonable. What do you think? I can also flavor the water with sugar-free fruit according to their preferences. My husband likes lemon or cucumber in his. It helps everyone guzzle down more. They don’t get bored with the variety. I explain to the children about the sugar in their box juice and what happens to little teeth. After showing a few horrid photos on the computer, the got the message loud and clear. They all hate going to the dentist. They live in great fear of that huge “needle.”

This approach could work also on cookies, cakes, and candy bars. However, I love to bake and don’t want to go too far—just a reduction in quantity now and then so mom can still do her thing. Here has been a bonus to my baking. The filtered water I use for cooking from the kitchen tap makes the goodies taste better. Now there is a good reason to install your own system. It may have the reverse effect of encouraging more dessert consumption. So out come the dental photos once again. Ha!

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