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How My Floors Survive 4 Children

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Why not let your kids have fun? If it means being messy, then so be it. It is worth it to see those happy little faces. My four kids frolic about, play in the rain (mud happens), roll in the grass (oh, those stains), and strew their toys everywhere. I just leave them. Can you imagine cleaning them up every day? If they get in the mood, I love it when they stow them in the baskets I have designated. I do have some order and actually establish some limited rules. This is how I survive a home with four messy tots. Plus, my method not only works for me but it makes for happier and healthier young ones.

If you are too strict, the children will not enjoy their playtime and their friends won’t enjoy coming over. My kids have a lot of playdates, no doubt because their parents want the mess in my house. Ha! When enough is enough, I bring out the milk and cookies – another great survival tactic. Watching TV, playing video games, and staring at a cell phone are not part of the plan. You can do arts and crafts, read together, and anything you can think of. When you have offspring, you must be creative.

I don’t expect to spend my days cleaning and vacuuming. It is necessary sometimes, however. Then the Bissell carpet steamer comes out. If that is too onerous, I just let the Hoover upright do the floors. I won’t have to get on my hands and knees, except to play with the kids. That is fun! I like building things with Legos, their favorite blocks. We do puzzles on the carpet and sort the playing cards. They also like to make imaginary castles, schoolrooms, mazes, and forts. It is all on bended knee.

Having a good vacuum and steamer helps a lot when it comes to maintaining a neat and clean home. I never let the fuss and muss get in the way of good health. If you invest in quality appliances, the job practically does itself. I spent time researching when I was buying, and this web page helped me choose: Then a little dusting, a stab at the dishes, a laundry load or two, and a touch of cleanser in the bathroom, and I am done. It’s back to feeding, bathing, playing, and loving.

Being a mother is a great joy. It involves everything that is good in life. Why do so many housewives complain? The modern appliances available are a boon to those with limited time. I have been touting the vacuum and steamer, but I want to give a big shout out for the toaster oven, coffeemaker, ice cream machine, mixer, blender, washer and dryer set, and grill. I have it all in place to raise the kids efficiently and effectively. It is a fiesta of technology in my house. Everything is new and up to date and always the latest thing. So, how do you survive?

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