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Go Outside and Play in the Rain

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One of the rules we have at our house is we don’t let a little rain ruin our plans. Going outside is fun. Spending time playing with the kids and joking around is also fun. So why should a rainstorm stop us from having a good time? There are exceptions, of course. My oldest calls them “baseball rules.” Basically, if a baseball game would continue, we stay outside. If we’re sliding all over and could potentially get hurt, we call it a day. If it gets too cold or too hard to see, we go in. Lightning is a definite game-ender. However, if it’s a light rain—especially during the summer—we aren’t afraid to get a little wet. I just call it common sense.

It all depends on your idea of fun. The kids and I have been known to splash around in puddles or have our own “tough mudder” in the yard. A little bit of a downpour has never stopped us from finishing a soccer match. I believe we even had a badminton tournament once during a drizzle. Sports get a little harder to play the more it rains, so sometimes we’ll just go for a walk or have a puddle stomping contest where we try to get each other as wet as possible.

And rain when we’re camping? Yeah, we’re still out there in the woods. We’ve had to move to higher ground before, but that particular trip was one of the kids’ favorite trips of all time. They still talk about it. And at the very least, it was memorable.

As you can probably imagine, we get a whole lot of use out of our rain gear around here. Probably the kids’ favorite activity when it is raining in the summertime is putting on their bathing suits and rain boots, then playing in the yard. I have pictures of my smallest in nothing but a swim diaper and galoshes chasing his brothers around our yard. The kids all still talk about it. I have a feeling that picture is going to come back to haunt him at some point—what are older siblings for, if not to embarrass you?

When we’re done playing around, it’s time to clean up. If it’s warm enough, I’ll just hose off any mud on the kids before we head inside. In case you haven’t already figured it out, I’m not the kind of person who has plastic on the furniture or a super neat home.

There’s really no reason for you not to let your kids play in the rain on a day when the weather is warm and the risk of lightning is low. If you have a plan for the dirt and wet clothes before you let them loose outside, you should be fine. Just remember: they aren’t just making messes. They’re making memories.

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